Week 11

While working with my group, two milestones we’ve accomplished were fixing the audio and getting the script to sound more natural.  The first time we filmed, after going back and watching the clips, we realized there was too much of an echo and the audio could not be used.  Instead of trying to dub over the original footage, we decided to film it again.  This time, we booked a private room in the library to eliminate outside noise and echo.  This seemed to work much better and in the end, will be less audio work for us.  The other milestone we accomplished was fixing the script to not sound like it was scripted.  We had to do a few takes on each scene to get everything sounding natural.

Two hurdles anticipated with this project would be editing and getting the paper to flow with everyones different writing styles.  As far as editing goes, instead of having one person do all of the editing, we’ve decided to give different scenes to each person and then bring them all together in the end.  Since we all do not have the same editing platform, we thought this would be the easiest way to do this.  But, since we are all editing different parts of the video, we will need to make sure each clip flows correctly into the next one which I believe may cause a bump in the road.  The next hurdle anticipated would be the paper.  Since each member of the group does not have the same writing style, it is going to be difficult to have the paper flow correctly.  We’re going to have to put extra time aside to make sure our paper does not just sound like 4 different papers stapled together, but one big paper.


Garage Band

I have never used Garage Band before so watching this video was very helpful.  Although I’ve never used it, I knew the basics of what it does.  Watching the video helped me understand it more in depth.  For example, it can be used to make your own music as well as being able to change, cut, or edit music that has already been created or downloaded.  It can be used for different projects or assignments not only in this class.  People may use it to put there voice or make their own background music in a presentation.

Another setting Garage Band would be useful in could be my current internship.  I’m a marketing intern at a small promotional company and almost every two weeks we make a video about a product that we are currently promoting.  Being able to make our own music and add it in the background would be one way to make our videos different.  Also, instead of talking during the video or having words at the bottom of the screen we could make a voice over and add it into the videos.

All of that being said, I would like to have a similar job in the future as I do now.  Being able to use Garage Band at a future job would be a great skill to have going into marketing.  Getting used to some of the features now would help me down the road when apply for jobs.